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Boost your website to warp-speed with Cloudflare


Supercharge your website

Supercharge your website with added protection and performance with Cloudflare services offered to you FREE of charge from Midphase. Services from Cloudflare can protect you from hackers, spammers and other malicious threats as all traffic passes through their expert content delivery network. Join two million other sites in the quest to be the best with help from the experts.

What does Cloudflare have to offer your website?

Step 1

Top Speeds

Your site will be kept safe in 35 world wide location allowing your data to zoom to the requested computer in the blink of an eye. Keeping your information in various geographic locations allows your site visitors to retrieve the information they need in half the time. This keeps search engine wizards, site visitors and site owners happy, not to mention that it’s FREE.

Step 2

Prime Performance

Websites no longer have to sacrifice quality for speed. Cloudflare’s intelligent channels allow quick delivery at the highest of standards. Advanced content like widgets, ads and databases zip along Cloudflare’s channels without a hitch or hiccup. The Cloudflare community boosts your site without losing any pieces or seconds along the way all at no cost to you.

Step 3

Uptime bonus

Due to the fact that Cloudflare keeps additional copies of your information (without additional charge) in the event that a server is experiencing downtime there are still exact replicas available for your readers. Less downtimes means more facetime with your website’s visitors, making downtime the least of your worries.

Step 3

Added security

Online security is a must for website performance and Cloudflare puts safety as top priority. While your data zooms through Cloudflare’s intelligent channels 99% of all malicious activity like hackers and spammers will be tossed out providing a safe environment for your customers.

Cloudflare Features Overview

Cloudflare didn’t come by 2 million websites easily, rather they got to the top by offering amazing results through top performing features. With each requested site the Cloudflare infrastructure grows, getting faster and smarter as time goes by. With each boosted site Cloudflare offers enhanced performance and security with their state-of-the-art feature line. Midphase realized the importance of speed, security and uptime, so to show our clients that we hold the same values as you do we are offering Cloudflares website performance services absolutely FREE.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN Globe

Cloudflare’s intelligent content delivery network lies at the heart of their performance capabilities. With Cloudflare services your data will traverse the globe from 35 separate data centers strategically placed in high traffic geographic locations. By using these points of access around the world, your site becomes supercharged from the intelligent Cloudflare network without any loss of quality.

The Cloudflare CDN hardware has been carefully crafted to build a fully owned unique network to create a monitored network you can rely on.

The Cloudflare Content Delivery Network

No traffic jams

Experience a higher volume of site visitors without any of the delays with Cloudflares intelligent routing methods. Cloudflare can absorb up to 65% of your server requests on average, saving up to 60% bandwidth.

Content at warp speed

Cloudflare will automatically cache all static files at its content delivery points around the world making your content closer and faster regardless of their global location. Cloudflares technology called ‘Anycast’ allows your visitors to be routed to the nearest content delivery point to receive your content at up to twice the regular speed.

Always Online™

If for some reason your server should experience downtime, Cloudflare can help out until everything is up and running again with a limited copy of your site stored at various content delivery points around the world. Your site visitors will be able to reach your content even during an outage.

99.999% Uptime

Cloudflare’s distributed network is redundancy to the max. Your content will be available under any circumstance due to their Always Online™ feature, meaning that you will no longer have to worry about downtime creating a seamless experience your site visitors and happier customers!

Optimized web content

It essential that your site be optimized for viewing from any sized device. Cloudflares true optimization magic runs deeper than your cached content around the globe. Their optimization tools will also make sure that your site loads efficiently and quickly for tablets and mobile devices anywhere in the world giving you better search rankings and happy site visitors for FREE!

Cloudflare Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a website performance service that specializes in website optimization for speed, security and increased uptime. Their worldwide content delivery network quickly and safely distributes your website’s content to global visitors in the blink of an eye. Cloudflare can help you establish an expert online presence while building your reputation and identifying malicious activity from spammers and hackers that could potentially damage your site and your diminish your visitor’s trust.

How does Cloudflare work?

In technical terms Cloudflare is a reverse proxy, but for those who don’t speak tech this means that your web traffic will travel through Cloudflares global network for enhanced speed and security once you are a part of the Cloudflare community.

Is Cloudflare really free?

Cloudflare is absolutely free to Midphase clients, your ears are not deceiving you. Midphase knows that in order to host amazing websites that performance, security and speed are a must and as a part of our dedication to you we are providing this service at no additional cost.

Can Cloudflare speed up my website?

By using a combination of Cloudflare features your website can be supercharged to maximum speeds. First, Cloudflare caches your site’s static content through their content delivery network to multiple locations around the world to distribute your content closer to the request. Secondly, any malicious activity that could slow down your site is detected and removed from active web traffic to keep your reputation and your visitors safe.

Why should I use Cloudflare?

With Cloudflare your website content will load up to 50% faster while using less bandwidth. Search engines will love you as visitors flock to your site. Cloudflare will also offer an additional layer of protection keeping your site and your visitors safe from hackers, spammers and malicious attacks. If ever you encounter security threats Cloudflare will let you know with a report sent to you every 24 hours. Further more, downtime will be a thing of the past. Cloudflare keeps copies of your site available so that if a server should experience downtime, another will pick up the pace for continuous usage.

How do I activate my free Cloudflare services?

Activating Cloudflare is quick and easy:

  • Log into your Control Panel here
  • Select your Web Hosting account
  • Click on ‘Cloudflare’
  • Select the free package
  • Click on the big green button

Where does Cloudflare have additional data points?

Cloudflare currently features 35 datacenters around the world including London, Seattle, Hong Kong, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Singapore to name a few. These specific locations were selected for high traffic requests for lower latency and happier website visitors around the world.

Does Cloudflare support SSL?

Absolutely! Cloudflare loves security and supports the SSL within your site. If your website has an SSL certificate currently installed, you will need to activate a Cloudflare PLUS account to compliment it for an additional $12.99 per month although you will also gain additional features as well. Both free and PLUS services can be used under the same account for different domain names.

Can Cloudflare improve any site?

Cloudflare can offer boosts for both static and dynamic sites however, Cloudflare is not suitable for websites which stream video or audio content directly from a server. This does not include embedded YouTube or Vimeo content, both are completely compatible with Cloudflare.

Plans & Pricing

  Cloudflare Cloudflare Plus
Price (monthly / yearly) FREE $12.99 / $131.88


Globally load balanced content delivery network (CDN)
Automatic static content caching
IPv6 compatibility and gateway
Always Online™
Rocket Loader
Mirage image optimization
Polish image compression
Mobile optimization
SPDY support

Standard Security

Reputation-based threat protection
Notify visitors on how to clean their infected machine

Advanced Security

SSL Support
Activation time Instant
Browser support Supports all browsers Supports all browsers

Analytics Control

Analytics for traffic to your site Updated every 24 hours Updated every 6 hours
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