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  • Increase your website traffic
  • Appear above competitors in search engine rankings
  • SEO novice-friendly
  • Automatic submission to top search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo!

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What is Website SEO Guru?

Optimizing your site to achieve a high search engine ranking can be tough and expensive. However, boosting your website’s ranking has never been easier with Website SEO Guru, the simple online marketing tool that can help your site scale the search engine rankings, increasing traffic and conversions. Easy to use step-by-step guides will make SEO a breeze, and you’ll be able to monitor how your ranking is improving as you make changes.

Website SEO Guru Features

Everything you Need to be Successful Online

Search Engine Submission

We’ll automatically submit your website to Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more so you can spend your valuable time on your business.

Enterprise Power for Small Business Websites

Intensive Website Scans

Daily or weekly scans will highlight all the important factors that affect your SEO ranking, uncovering everything that needs to be corrected.

15 Years of experience in Web Hosting

Website Reports

Keep an eye on the performance of your website with ease using our simple SEO report tool.

Everything you need for your website

Suggested Improvements

We'll give you simple step-by-step recommended website changes based on the SEO report, ranked by importance.

Worry Free Unlimited Web Hosting

Website Analytics

Discover more about your website traffic, from where it is currently coming from to who is linking to your site. Knowledge is power!

Highly Available and Completely Secure

Keywords Tool

The Guru will suggest keywords and phrases that are important to boost your rankings - or you can choose your own if you prefer. We'll monitor how your website performs on each.

Simple web hosting control panel

Competitor Analysis

The Guru scopes out and tracks your competitors' websites for SEO performance, so you can create a competitive strategy.

Worry Free Unlimited Web Hosting

Timely Alerts

We'll email you to alert you to any key factors affecting your website's SEO ranking.

Highly Available and Completely Secure

Social Media Optimization

Gain insight into how popular your site is on social media to effectively manage your online popularity.

Simple web hosting control panel

Search Engine Updates

The search engines are famous for making regular changes to their algorithms. We'll keep you in the loop with any changes you should be aware of!

How Website SEO Guru Works In 3 Easy Steps

Website Performance Report

Just like the search engines do, we’ll scan your site inside and out to provide you with a detailed performance report... For free!

Walkthrough Amendments Guide

We will recommend where your site need tweaking to please the search engines. Each recommendation will have an accompanying step-by-step guide.

Continued Analysis

We'll monitor your keyword performance, all traffic to your site and a range of other key SEO indicators.

Why choose Website Guru SEO

Gain a competitive advantage over your rivals

Benefit from increased traffic and customers

Attract relevant traffic to your website

Hassle-free and easy to use

Easy on the bank balance

Track your progress in real time

Compatible with all existing websites, even those not hosted with Midphase

No prior SEO knowledge required

Website SEO Guru Plans & Pricing

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