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Did you know that when you register a domain name, your personal information - your name, email address, phone number - is all published online? See the example diagram below of what your personal information WHOIS could look like with and without Domain Privacy:


Registrant contact info
(Public Information)

Name: Your Name
Address: Your Address
Postal Code: Your Postcode
Country: Your Country
Phone: Your Phone Number


Registrant contact info

WHOIS privacy security

Address: DOMAIN SECRECY.NET, Providence
Postal Code: 84332
Country: US
Phone: +350.20042686

Add domain privacy to your domains for only $9.95 each per year!

Domain Privacy protects your personal information and your email from spam. Here is how it works:

  • Your personal information is hidden from the public WHOIS domain directory
  • Protects you against identity theft
  • Reduces the chances of nuisance phone calls and correspondence
  • Keeps your email safe from spam
  • Protects you from fraudulent domain transfer risks


What is WHOIS Domain Privacy

When registering a new domain the buyer is legally required to submit their physical postal and email addresses, together with their name and a contact phone number so they can be added to a public directory called the WHOIS database. This database acts as an internet phone book allowing any individual to research web address holders worldwide.

This means that anyone with an internet connection can access that information. Unfortunately, email spammers can sometimes use it to compile recipient lists, and criminals take advantage of it to get away with domain name fraud.


Domain Privacy Protection

The good news is, Midphase offers a WHOIS Domain Privacy service to our clients to keep sensitive information under lock and key. While it is necessary for Midphase to have your personal information, we can keep your contact details out of the hands of spammers, squatters, and other bad guys looking to exploit the WHOIS directory. Just be sure to add WHOIS Domain Privacy to your shopping cart when purchasing your domain and we will take care of the rest.

Please note: The following web addresses are excluded from the Domain Privacy service: .ca / .in / .nyc / .us

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