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  1. What are domains?
  2. Why do I need a domain?
  3. Where do I register a domain?
  4. Who manages domain registration?
  5. When should I register a domain?


  1. What are domains?

    Every individual page on the internet has an accompanying web address called a TLD, or Top Level Domain. A TLD is used to find an individual page on the internet, much like a physical address is used to find a specific geographical location.

    For example if you take www.midphase.com

    1. www – is used to access the World Wide Web. Typing this means that you are looking for a place on the internet represented by Midphase.com.
    2. midphase – is the domain name that we chose for our web addresses, and just so happens to be the name of our company.
    3. .com – the domain extension, or top level domain, that we chose as our web address ending.

    By adding all three components together, we have created a simple and memorable domain that helps our clients easily access our website. The search components will automatically know exactly which web page we are looking to access.

  2. Why do I need a domain?

    The internet has quickly dominated the way that the world communicates, both socially and professionally. To obtain your own online presence you will need a web site and registering a domain is the first step to creating your own web identity.

    You will want to choose a domain that accurately represents you and what you are trying to achieve online. After recognizing these goals, you will be able to create a simple and memorable web address to get you started on the right foot. There are a lot of options so we will try to cover the basics for you.

    • Pretend you were looking for yourself on a search engine: What words would you use? Your name? Business? Or something else? This can give you a clue as where to start.
    • Use our domain search tool to check to see if any of these keywords are available as web addresses. (Hint: Look into your favorite new domain extensions if what you are looking for has already been registered.)
    • Take a poll of your family and friends which of the available domains they think best suits you and your image. Be sure to not take too long deciding, domains can be registered while you are shopping around.
    • Keep your domain as short and simple as possible. You are going to want to create a buzz with your web address so you want something that catches peoples attention and is easy to recall at a later date for return visitors.
    • Remember that an small domain with a less-used extension is better than a complicated domain with a common extension. For example, awesome.ninja is better than HeyLookIHaveAWebPage54256457.com.
    • Register a domain with Midphase domain registration services and then register other great TLDs to be directed to your main site for a broader coverage. For Example:
      • Register misspelled versions of your domain.
      • Protect yourself and your brand name by registering the same name with a variety of extensions (i.e. yourname.com, yourname.net, yourname.ninja, yourname.rocks).
      • Diversify your individual web pages with .press for news, .blog for content, and .company as an about page.
      • For marketing promotions or sales events consider registering .sale, .deals, .blackfriday, or .christmas.
  3. Where do I register a domain?

    Register your own domain at Midphase.com. Check into the exciting new TLD web address extensions. With hundreds to choose from we can guarantee that there is one that will meet all of your web address needs.

    Newly released TLD extensions:

    When searching for the perfect fit for your web presence, be sure to consider all newly released web address extensions. In just the last few years there have been over 700 TLDs released for registration! Each extension fits a niche, hobby, industry, or business perfectly. Get creative and think of all new opportunities awaiting your web experience.

    Never again have to stress over a domain already registered, new TLDs allow you to customize a common phrase to fit your purpose. These top level domains allow you to specialize, accent, or expand any web page to bring your visions to reality.

    Here are some of our favorite domains to date. Which one is perfect for you?


    Live a life in the lap of .luxury. Nothing says posh like identifying yourself with the fanciest domain to date. Show the World Wide Web that not just any domain is post enough for your tastes with a .luxury domain.


    The .surf is up! Ride the wave of the hottest web address extension to hit the shores. Specifically created for all things wave, beach, and board related. Add to an existing page or a stand alone. For whatever reason you chose, be sure to ride this wave!


    Hit the town with a .city domain. This extension isn’t for small town situations, but if you’re planning on movin’ on up (to the east side…) then this is the web address for you. Create the perfect .city domain today.


    If two is .company and three's a crowd, you should probably register five or six of this hot domains while you still can. After all, you are the .company you keep. The next big thing in business domains is here. Get one for your business today.


    Party? Wedding? Sales Promotion? Any of these reasons are perfect excuses to get your own .events web page. Create an easy platform for guests to share photo/video/experience as well as a great way to update everyone to your plans. Any marketing firm has 100 reasons for an .events domain. The question is: why haven’t you gotten one yet?


    Take this web extension to-go. Create the perfect web experience for your diners with the hottest thing to come off of the line. The .restaurant domain offers a sweet and spicy deal for any restaurateur.


    What rocks? Anything that proudly says so! Create a yourname.rocks or thiswebsite.rocks - Get creative, forget humility, and make a website that really .rocks. And if you happen to be an archeologist… well we don’t even have to tell you how awesome this domain extension it. You already know!


    Sneak your way into one of the top 10 domain registrations with a .ninja domain. Kick and chop up a web presence that says greatness with one easy to own domain extention. Warning: results may be intense!


    Have you ever considered taking your brilliant photos to the streets? If so, this domain is just for you. Or maybe you’re already an established photographer, if so don’t let this chance pass you buy. Establish instant credibility and professionalism with a .photography domain today.


    Get your red solo cups ready for the release of the hoppiest domain yet. Break out the peanuts and coasters because every beer lover in the world is going to need to pour another .beer domain. For home breweries, domestics, and imports alike, .beer is going to be the brew that wins them all.


    The .media domain extension is perfect for all things press related. Hot, breaking, good or bad news can have a memorable extension all of it’s own. Create a .media page as an addition for an existing page or as a start for your freelancing aspirations.


    Tis the season to be taking advantage of all things .christmas. This web extension provides an excellent platform to showcase all things in your world Christmas related. Crafts, hobbies, family experiences, sales, deals, and much more! All have a place on the web with a .christmas domain.


    Pull out the sleeping bags, it’s going to be an all-nighter. With a .blackfriday domain you can alert the masses to your bottom bargain extravaganza. As a billion dollar a year industry .blackfriday refuses to be ignored.


    Are you in the know? Are you up to speed? Have you gotten the low-down? If not, a .info page is right up your alley. Show off your own info or create a forum to obtain more. Knowledge is power - and this power could be yours!


    One thing is certain, .deals is the place to find the best prices around. This new web address ending creates an all-in-one experience for savvy shoppers and an excellent opportunity for sellers.

    Remember that these are only a small portion of the existing extensions available for registration. Take a look at the full list with our domain checker. If you still aren’t able to find the perfect domain consider looking into Geo TLDs for a localized web address.

    Geographic domains are where it’s at!

    While releasing hundreds of specialized web extensions, came the idea for Geographic TLDs. To guarantee that local stays local you must prove that you are a resident of the city you are applying for. The Geo TLDs include Los Angeles, New York City, Tokyo, Berlin, and London. Each domain offers its own class and culture associated with the city of its birth. These web address endings are designed to represent exactly what each city stands for and who the lucky inhabitants are. Be sure to show your allegiance to your city today.


    As one of the first Geo-domains to make a splash, .London has quickly become one of the fastest selling TLDs. From the Big Ben to the Queen’s guard .London is the place to be. Make an impact with this instantly recognizable domain for your web presence.


    The Big Apple staked its claim on an entire domain to prove that it is the greatest city in the world. From Times Square to Greenwich Village, this TLD is the who’s who and the what’s what in the city of New York.


    The enormous city of Tokyo represents all things technical and luxurious. You better move quick because with over 13 billion residents these domains are sure to move fast. With a Tokyo TLD you will have instant recognition as the city for international business.


    The .UK TDL is an excellent alternative to the .co.uk domain. And the coolest part is, anyone with a .co.uk domain has the chance to instantly register the .UK equivalant. Proudly announce the United Kingdom as your home with the .UK domain or attach to an existing page to protect your brand. Either way, the .UK is in the palm of your hand.


    Why claim your allegiance to one area of Europe when you can own it all? With the .EU TLD you can proudly claim all of Europe as your home with no questions asked. Announce yourself as an international man of mystery with your .EU domain.


    Claim your European Identity with a .EU domain. Why tether yourself to one location when your reach extends across all of Europe? This extension can also act in conjunction with other geo domains for world wide access.

    Wherever it is that you call home, check out all of the possibilities at Midphase.com

  4. Who manages domain registration?

    In domain registration, there are two names that most are familiar with, you could say that together they run the show.


    Nominet is a not-for-profit organization created in 1996. Nominet handles all protection, promotion, and support of over 10 million domains. Most of the monitored domains end in .uk such as: .uk, .co.uk, .org.uk, and .me.uk. In other words, if you have ever registered a .uk domain, Nominet at one time approved the domain for sale.

    Nominet manages a database that manages the personal information of all .uk domain registrants such as email, address, and phone numbers. They also handle domain dispute resolution services (DRS) for those that believe that they have been a victim of domain hacking, squatting, or theft. Individual registrars comply with Nominet rules and regulations to provide the best in domain sales.

    For more information visit:


    Much like Nominet, ICANN monitors domain names and IP addresses on the internet. ICANN stands for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. The non-profit organization maintains a set of practices and procedures to insure that all web pages are handled appropriately and have their own individual, assigned space, on the web.

    ICANN also manages the technical coordination of DNS along with the application, approval, and release of generic Top Level Domains or gTLDs. In other words, when you register your awesome new .guru domain, ICANN not only approved the sale but the application for .guru to exist.

    ICANN does not actually register the domain names, rather it has accredited registrars (such as Midphase.com) that actually register the web address to the individual. Registrars are required to maintain a healthy and rule abiding relationship with ICANN to ensure their right to continue to register domains. After the domain is registered, ICANN then takes the registrants personal information to add to the WHOIS lookup database. This database maintains the information of all registered web addresses and is available to the public.

    To learn more about the International Cooperation for Assigned Names and Numbers please visit ICANN.org

    History of domains

    In the late 1960’s, UCLA and Stanford connected a set of computers together as a way to communicate between campuses. This early version of the World Wide Web was called Arpanet. Ray Tomlinson then created something that he called email address by joining a username to a computer with an @ sign (for example username@computer). This allowed email to be sent back and forth and was essentially the first web address or domain.

    When Arpanet began to use TCP/IP people were struggling with remembering the neverending streams of numbers to communicate. This is when the idea of domain name servers (DNS) began to take shape. The idea was to connect words to individual IPs for a user friendly experience.

    More and more people began to use DNS and through that the need to differentiate classes of web addresses. Top Level Domains (TLDs) were created to fulfil this need. Web address endings like .com, .org, and .net became a way to add to the pool of domains as well as separate the different categories of web traffic.

    In the 1990’s, the internet became commercial and that’s when the web exploded. From there on out everyone needed a web page, domain, and IP address. ICANN then opened the air for new TLD applications. For a hefty fee individuals and businesses could apply for their own web address ending.

    The release of over 700 individual domain extensions has created a wave of interest among existing and new website owners. Never before have individuals had the chance to choose creative and exciting domains of their own. Find yours today at Midphase.com

  5. When should I register a domain?

    The best answer to this question is: yesterday. But considering that we haven’t created a reliable time machine quite yet - registering a domain right now will work too.

    Explore the wide world of domain registration at Midphase.com and claim your very own spot on the World Wide Web.

    Whether you are interested in the everyday .com or the new and exciting TLDs like .NYC or .ninja, Midphase has the domain you are looking for.

    Find your perfect domain today!