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We won't judge you if, "To good to be true," is your first response when hearing about InstantWebsite; we're used to it. Getting free access to our drag-and-drop website builder is a big deal. Use it to start a new website or create a page to publish your contact info.

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Using InstantWebsite to create a custom webpage is effortless. Simply drag and drop images, text or other content to the exact spot you want it to appear; one click more and your page is online. Buy today, send traffic today.

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When a professional look comes standard, you know you're in a good place. InstantWebsite includes many ready-to-go templates that can be customized out-of-the-box so you'll never have to settle with anything but the best.

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No Hidden Costs

After buying your domain name, InstantWebsite gets added to your customer dashboard automatically; no additional steps, no extra purchases. Simply login, visit the domains section and start building.

Domain Questions?

What do I do if I already have a domain name?

If you already own a domain name, it's easy to transfer it to Midphase so you can manage all website services under one roof, in one control panel. If you have a website with another company, it's easy to transfer to Midphase. Learn more here.

Can I have more than one domain?

You may have as many domains as you want; in fact, buying domains similar to your original domain—like misspellings or additional domain extensions—is something we advise in order to protect your brand.

How do I point my domain to Midphase?

In order to have all your domains directed, or pointed, to one website you need to update your domain name servers (DNS) with the registrar for the domain. New Linux hosting clients will use the following name servers:


If you are uncertain how to do this with your current registrar, you can find guides to change name servers at the most common registrars in our KnowledgeBase. Alternatively, please contact our support teams who will be happy to help you out.

How do I transfer a domain to Midphase?

Before you call us to transfer your domains, you need to contact your existing registrar and request a few things:

  • Unlock the domain.
  • Obtain the EPP authorization code.
  • Remove domain privacy (if you have it).
  • Verify the administrator email listed on the domain is correct.

We will send a verification email to the administrator email address to verify the domain registration and ownership. After receiving this email, you should click the links in the email sent by Midphase (part of UK2 Group) to confirm the domain transfer.

A few important things to note that will prevent the domain transfer from happening.

  • Domains that have been registered less than 60 days can't be transferred.
  • Domains that are within 15 days of their next renewal can't be transferred.

Please be aware that authorizing a domain transfer is reliant upon the domain owner and the existing domain registrar therefore Midphase is not responsible for authorizing the domain transfer. Without the domain transfer being authorized, the transfer of the domain cannot happen, so be sure to click the link in the email.

Are you an accredited registrar?

Midphase is an accredited registrar and can provide extra security knowing your requests will be processed smoothly, with our trusted and reliable domain name registration services.

Why spend more on a premium domain?

If you need to ask this question you probably haven't experienced trying to get the domain you want only to discover it has already been registered.

Premium domains have already been registered/claimed but the registrant is willing to sell it for a slightly higher cost. They fill the void of having to settle for your last choice when registering an important domain. Spending more on a premium domain means you get the right domain from the start; just imagine if Google had settled for the domain "" instead of simply!

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