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Midphase Customer Reviews

We're proud of what we do, but don't just take our word for it... Take a look over some of our client testimonies below. Each and every one of our customers is of great value to us, and we strive to provide the best service possible for everyone!

Mitchell Kraemer

Excellent Experience So Far

"Everyone has been very nice and helpful, hosting was setup quickly and response times to tickets have been very fast and responsive."

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"I've already used 5 of the largest hosting companies. But I've never seen a company like midphase. Their performance is very high & have the best best best 24X7 customer support service..."

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Olumuyiwa Olaolu Oriowo

Excellent customer service

"Midphase' customer service is excellent.And this is key to becoming number 1 in any business."

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Domex Host Inc is great

"I have heard pretty good things about them. I have about 2 domain names with them and never had a problem and they offer really nice specials from time to time."

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Tyler Wearing of Sideways Gaming Network

Great support & prices

"Midphase is definitely a 5/5. I recently had my domain with GoDaddy & they were rude, useless, and stole money from me (hidden fees), and on top of that they shut my domain down. Not with Midphase! Midphase has great support (instant too), they're very friendly & help with any problem almost instantly. They have no hidden fees, so no worries about your money being stolen too. :P"

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Michael Elmergreen

Second site with Midphase

"This was the second website I have done with Midphase. I had one question, they answered it immediately, and I was off and running. So far, so very good."

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Jefferson Imgbi


"I have been using Midphase for over 5 years and recently moved to my own server. In all the years they have been very amazing and I have enjoyed every service given. They respond to tickets, they are ever available to chat and deal timely with any issue."

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Brilliant value, lovely interface

"I was surprised that such an inexpensive service could have such a well designed and simple to use interface, the value of this service is incredible and it is a joy to use. I have recommended it to friends already and I will use Midphase again in the future."

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Customer Reviews
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